ChineseBuilding Materials Group Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as ChineseBuilding Materials Group) is the central enterprise which was approved by theState Council, and was directly managed by the state owned assets supervisionand administration commission of the State Council. Chinese building MaterialsGroup ranked first in the world in the six areas of cement, concrete, gypsumboard, glass fiber, wind power blade, international cement engineering he wasteheat power. It integrates R&D, manufacturing and circulation, and it isChina’s largest, world’s leading integrated building materials industry group.It was listed in the Fortune top 500 world enterprises for sixconsecutive years. Triumph Technology, which was belonged to China buildingmaterials group, is the national key high-tech enterprise whose core is theBengbu Glass Industry Design Institute, it also is China’s most powerfulscientific research units in the area of special glass fiber and products,glass fiber reinforced plastic, non-metallic mineral development and deep processing.Its core leader Pengshou holds the post of International Glass Associationchairman, deputy director of United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationTechnology international promotion center, National Engineering Survey andDesign master, the first batch national candidates of "new centurymillions of talents project”. Float glass equipment which is developed andpresided over by him has broken the original system and have a wide reputationin the country. It also have achieved International advanced levelwhich has made outstandingcontributions to the innovation and development of China's glass technology andthe modernization of China's glass industry.



      Persistenceendows a man with willpower (Chinese pronunciation is Ju Gui Heng Zhi), theJunheng Hebei Pharmaceutical Glass Co.Ltd (hereafter referred to as Junheng PG)was established in 2016, and its neutral borosillicateproject is located in Wei county Handan city in Hebei province, which is thehinterland of North China plain. It has an area of 300 acres, which was dividedinto 3 phases with a total investment of 1,05 billion yuan, among which thefirst phase investment was 0.3 billion yuan. In order to meet the demand ofdomestic pharmaceutical glass market more quickly,improve the international competitiveness of Chinese pharmaceutical glassmaterials and related Chinese patent drug, in 2017, China Building Material Triumph Technology decided to participate in the projectto establish “Triumph Junheng pharmaceutical glass” with Junheng PG. In the sameyear, the project was rated as the key projects of strategic emergingindustries in Hebei.


     Aftergained China's top production level, technology and research team, TriumphJunheng also introduced the world first-class full range of pharmaceuticalglass tube production line to develop and produce 5.0 neutral borosilicatetube. It is a reliablepharmaceutical glass supplier forpharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical glass forming and processing factory,as well as pharmaceutical glass agents. Lasting like a moon and rising like thesun. Triumph Jun Heng will soon demonstrate the the manufacturing capacity ofChinese pharmaceutical glass.